Album Review: Ultan Conlon - Songs of Love So Cruel

Rarely has an album title adequately summed up the mood and concept of an album. 'Songs of Love So Cruel' is a wonderful album full of warm, charming tales of heartbreak.

Galway's finest singer-songwriter Ultan Conlon has made an album to comfort those out there heartbroken. It's a concept album of anti-love songs packaged in a warm, charming soundtrack of folk music that is both contemporary and also has it's roots firmly in the 50s and 60s.

Every song is beautifully written with some really great tunes on 'Songs of Love So Cruel'. Sabrina Dineen co sings 'The River Flows & The Woods Creep' which is as good a song you'll hear anywhere this year. Other stand-out tracks include 'In The Mad', the first single 'Lonely Avenue' and my personal favourite 'Bristlecone Pines' for the line ...
    "If You Go I'll Love You For All Time, If You Stay Here We Will Only Fight"

To make an album of heartbreaking love songs that sounds this good is a wonderful achievement for Ultan Conlon. It would probably mean more to me if I was in that heartbreaking position myself. As it is, for the musicianship, lyrics, vocals and charm I'd highly recommend you check out this album.

Ultan Conlon - Songs of Love So Cruel [10 out of 12]