Album Review: Foy Vance - Joy of Nothing

Finally Foy Vance has released his second album entitled 'Joy of Nothing' .... however this is very much a joyous occasion in my books.

Foy Vance has an incredible voice which has the ability to be tender and delicate but when in full flow can inject adrenaline into a song. On 'Joy of Nothing', Foy relies on the full band sound and strings to add depth and texture to that voice to create songs of beauty that work.

I love that I find a new favourite tune on every listen. 'You & I' is my regular 'Earworm' at the minute with it's catchy chorus. 'Janey' is a great love story. Even the "Bromantic" closing track when he duets with Ed Sheeran perfectly brings the album is a satisfying close. The title track is one of the best songs I've heard this year and should be the first place you go to if you want a taster of the album ....

On 'Joy of Nothing', Foy manages to jostle himself between Springsteen and Van Morrison and provides that missing link between the icons. This is a mature album that merges the beauty and charm of 'Astral Weeks' with Springsteen-esque tales of a 'Northern Ireland' upbringing. This with them vocals, fine musicianship and well positioned strings makes 'Joy of Nothing' one of the albums of the year.

Foy Vance - Joy of Nothing [12 out of 12]

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