In Review: Jack of Diamonds - Sat 17th Aug

Again the Dame Street quarter of Dublin last night was heaving with tourists, randomers and musos loving the free music on offer thanks to the Jack of Diamonds Festival. We didn't see every bad we wanted to and we called it a night early on but from 7pm until 11 I got to see a number of really good bands ....

Gypsy Rebel Rabble - Outdoor Dame Lane Stage

The band entertained the sizable crowd with their upbeat rootsy folk sounds and their well written good-time fun tunes. Their new album is out soon and I can't wait to hear it.

Tickley Teeth - The Mercantile

I caught the first few tunes from Tickley Teeth who offers something a bit different. Singing in French and English, the songs intrigue and the performance was pretty decent. Here's an example of the tunage from Tickly Teeth.

The Rusty Fixtures - Dame Lane Outdoor Stage

Tipperary's folk-pop band The Rusty Fixtures performed a really good set of songs that got the crowd dancing and bopping their heads. The backing vocals of Keyboardist Mary sets the band apart from most similar acts out there.

My Fellow Sponges - The Workman's Club

Galway trippy folk band 'My Fellow Sponges' bring a delightful charm to the festival. Similar to 'The Moldy Peaches' this band create wonderful sounds with quirky lyrics and musicianship. They've a great album in them and I'll be looking out for it in the future.

Quincy - Outdoor Dame Lane Stage

Well for a start I wasn't planning to catch the band I think are called 'Quincy'. I can't find a facebook or breaking tunes page for the band so not 100% sure on their name. Their bluesy folk rock sound dragged me down towards the stage and are well worth checking out.

Stephen Young & The Union - The Globe

Band of the night for me were 'Stephen Young & The Union' with their country rock sound that perfectly suits Stephen's vocal range. From the quality of the songs last night there's be a great second album from the band to be released early in the Summer of 2014. Check out the first single from that album here now .....

Redwoods - Sweeney's Upstairs

Heavily promoted young band from Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Redwoods have everything to become very successful. The band have three excellent vocalists, fine musicianship and good catchy tunes that work.

Well done again to the Jack of Diamond crew for another fine day of music and for introducing excellent bands to new listeners.