Electric Picnic - Friday Review

The buzz is all about the Picnic this year. If you're in a band you want to be here. If you're a real music fan you want to be here. The 2UIBestow crew of myself and photographer Anto Kane are here and this is our Day 1 review.

Gypsy Rebel Rabble - The Salty Dog Stage

I'll never get bored seeing this band live. For the third time in two weeks Gypsy Rebel Rabble entertained us with their brand of good-time Americana gypsy folk.Their new album is out next month!

Shannon & The Shortcuts - Trailer Park Stage

Here's another band I've seen numerous times and I can honestly say that this band are very close to a sound that's right for vocalist, bassist and future star Shannon. The sound is catchy alternative pop perfect for daytime radio. Future releases are planned for the band in the form of an official video, singles and more.

In Their Thousands - Oxjam Stage

Donegal rockers 'In Their Thousands' blew me away with their sound on the Oxjam stage. It was my first time seeing the band but it certainly won't be the last time. Armed with two amazing vocalists, a grungy sound and fantastic musicianship 'In Their Thousands' are easily in in my top 20 best bands in Ireland.

Crow Black Chicken - Trailer Park Stage

Dirty blues time in the Trailer Park with Crow Black Chicken. The band don't normally do it for me but I had a great time enjoying their tunes. A superb live band!

Lisa O'Neill - Body & Soul Main Stage

With a huge listening crowd Lisa charmed her way through a set of mainly new tunes destined to be on that difficult second album due out ... eh soon. Highlight of the set was a tune for Elvis, tell him all the advancements since his death. It's funny, charming, delicate and utterly absorbing.

My Bloody Valentine - Main Stage

While floating through the areas of the picnic fuzzy feedback from the main stage delighted my ears. We only properly caught the last couple of tunes but that final track in the set was amazing. The Ticket gave their set 2 stars based on perceived audience boredom. I suppose MBV would bore you if you were waiting for the arrival of Fat Boy Slim.

Fireworks .......... Happy Birthday Electric Picnic!

The Trampz - Trailer Park Stage

Fusing the sounds Fun Loving Criminals and The Republic of Loose, The Trampz entertained the sizeable crowd who ignored Fat Boy Slim to be in the presence of Dundalk's finest. Ireland's finest live band?

Saint John The Gambler - Salty Dog Stage

Saint John were fantastic in the late hours on the Salty Dog stage. I'm in danger of being overly positive in my reviews today but with careful planning we got to see the best in Irish bands and Saint John are in the category. They got the crowd dancing, singing and in the mood for a picnic.

The Viking Project - Salty Dog Stage

Another great live band here 'The Viking Project' push the boundaries of their grungy seventies style folk rock with some delicate four part harmonies contrasting greatly with the good time rocking tunes.

Mikey & The Scallywags - Salty Dog Stage

Good-time folk continued big time with Galway's wonderful band 'Mikey & The Scallywags'. Another great Irish band.

Top 5 Bands - Friday

1. The Trampz
2. Saint John The Gambler
3. In Their Thousands
4. Lisa O'Neill
5. The Viking Project

Time to go enjoy Saturday in The Picnic!