2Day's Tune: Kiernan McMullan ft Allie Bradley - Keep The Melody Going

Here's a recent update straight from Nashville based Kiernan McMullan:


" As some of you may have seen, after 5 years of relentless touring, my van has hit a wall. I've had to cancel almost all of my US dates this summer and we're not sure how long it will be until I can get back out to all of you. 

I've made 15 songs available for ONE DOLLAR on my website. It includes live recordings and select tracks from all my records as well as the two songs featured solely on my 2010 vinyl release.

If you hit ADD ALBUM TO CART you can have them all for only one dollar, and every penny will be going into either fixing this van, or finding a new way to get back on the road. There is a reason why I never do Kickstarter's or music funding sites and it takes a lot for me to ask for help, but every now and then we need to I guess.

Other than downloading the fifteen songs, you can also helps by purchasing a cd on Itunes, listening to them on Spotify, or ordering hard copies from americancadence.com and my website."

One of those 15 songs you can buy for a $ is this one featuring Allie Bradley on vocals: