Album Review: Fox E & The Good Hands - Curvy

'Curvy' released this month with an official launch in The Grand Social on April 18th is the debut album from one of the most entertaining live acts in Ireland; Fox E & The Good Hands. 

Eimear Fox and her band The Good Hands have done a great job cramming the energy, humour and attitude of their liver performances into the 45 minutes of music that is their debut album 'Curvy'. It's full of funky, energetic, pop tunes then encapsulates the live 'Fox E. & The Good Hands' experience. If you've been lucky to see and enjoy Fox E & The Good Hands's live performances around the country you will not be disappointed by their debut album.

There's some fantastic musicianship on the album including some slick funky slap base on a number of tracks, many fine guitar solos, a few 'rap' interludes and wonderful vocals from Fox E, Barry and backing singer Paula.

Songs to impress include the hugely positive and motivational 'Get Up', 'Unfortunately' which is vocally the best track while the stand-out track for me is this song cheesy 80's style pop song 'Caboose':

'Fox E. & The Good Hands' will probably always divide opinion and on 'Curvy' there's a number of tracks that have the potential to be a tad cringe-worthy and maybe overly sexual in a lyrical sense. Having said that I love the funky good time attitude of the band and think 'Curvy' is an excellent debut from one of Ireland's most entertaining acts.

Fox E. & The Good Hands - Curvy [10 out 12]

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