Live Review: Ana Gog - Unitarian Church, Dublin Mar 1st

The best band in Ireland at this moment in time played a sell out album launch in Dublin's Unitarian Church and it was a spectacular gig consisting of amazing musicianship, friendly crowd banter and awesome visuals displayed high into the ceiling of the church.

Friday's gig officially launched Ana Gog's debut album 'Making Trails'. Traditionally bands roll out aunts, uncles, distant cousins and anyone they passed on the street to their album launch gig but there was a genuine feeling that the 'Sold Out' signs were very unexpected and massively appreciated.

I've written about Ana Gog numerous times and I always struggle to describe their sound. It really is the closest to undefinable I've heard. A comparison could be made to American band 'TV on the Radio' and I can always hear early Genesis in the songs but describing the quality of musicianship and the minute detail in their sound is tricky. Of the album tracks that got an airing I loved 'Mr Magpie' especially with the visuals in the background:

For me the most satisfying aspect of the evening were hearing around five new songs not on 'Making Trails'. Some of those songs were amazing were indistinguishable from the quality on 'Making Trails'. This means that 'Making Trails' looks likely to be chapter one of a long career for my favourite Irish band.

Photos courtesy of AK Photography: