Album Review: Martin Harley - Mojo Fix

Martin Harley released his forth studio album 'Mojo Fix' this year and it's a super album full of blues influenced Americana with lots of Weissenborn and electric lap steel guitar. 

I've had 'Mojo Fix' in my house for about three weeks now and it's been listened to by myself numerous times as well as my wife and twin boys who all enjoy the rhythmic roots style of Americana rock on offer from Martin Harley. 'Mojo Fix' ticks all the right boxes in terms of fine lead vocals, catchy tunes, foot stomping rock n roll, awesome guitar riffs and well written songs such as this stomping track 'Ball & Chain'.

The title track and lead single as well as 'Working For The Man' are similar rocking tracks to 'Ball & Chain' above but the songs which really impress are the charming Country style tracks such as Cardboard King with it's clever lyrics to my favourite track 'Threading Water' about being there for someone special.

I tip my hat to Martin Harley and his band for making a really good accomplished album with some brilliant songs and excellent musicianship. 

Martin Harley - Mojo Fix [9 out of 12]

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