Album Review: Conor Linnie - Astray

Astray is the debut from Conor Linnie which showcases his immense finger-picking guitar style while at the same time composing a number of excellent tunes. 

I've noticed that if an artist has an amazing talent on guitar that there's an anomaly in regards of songwriting. The idea that the talented guitarist can't write a song! I'm glad to report that Conor Linnie is both a good songwriter and has a wonderful finger-picking style on guitar. When you add a decent vocal into the mix we have an artist who should have a long music career ahead of him. On the title track the vocals are that good they remind me of Chris Cornell's unique vocals.

Of the nine tracks on the album there's around four that step forward from the rest. The opening track 'Moths' is a chirpy folk tune that kicks off the album in fine style. 'The Fire I'm Kindling' is a gorgeous love song full of charm and warmth before blazing into a full band folk song. The single 'Crash Bandicoot Blues' does what is says in the song title while the best and most complete song on the album for me is the title track 'Astray'.

At 32 minutes long, 'Astray' is a short but sweet introduction to an artist who I predict will have a long career ahead of him. Catch him on Saturday in Whelans with fine support from Wyvern Lingo to launch the album.

Conor Linnie - Astray [10 out of 12]