Album Review: Biggles Flys Again - Remember Saturday

'Remember Saturday' is the blissful, charming indie-pop album from 'Biggles Flys Again' that's brightened my life over the last number of days. 

'Remember Saturday' flows from charming uplifting tunes such as 'Friends', 'A Simple Plan' and 'Library' to the gentle sweet tunes such as 'Last Song of the Night' and 'Local Legend'. On the uplifting tunes there's a nod towards influences such as Belle & Sebastian and Pavement but there's also a clear influence of Elliot Smith on many of the tracks. 'Remember Saturday' is a fine mix of great tracks which deserves your attention. 

Remember Saturday’ was recorded with the aid of instruments from a different musical age such as Casio and Yamaha keyboards, a Hammond organ and a BBC Neve recording console. This adds to the charm of the album and contribute to the wonderful indie pop songs written by Conor Deasy, the man behind the 'Biggles Flys Again' moniker. 

Tracks to impress include the atmospheric 'Chambers', the catchy Beach Boys-esque 'Roadkill' and the singalong 'Friends' which you can download for free below:

There's not a bad track on the album however some tracks loose their sparkle after a couple of listens which is the only negative aspect of 'Remember Saturday' I can find. 'Biggles Flys Again' have the pop songs, the right indie sound, the charm and the sentimentality with the lyrics to be a very successful band. 

Biggles Flys Again - Remember Saturday [11 out of 12]

Free Downloads of the songs 'Friends' and 'Chambers' are available here:

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