Album Review: Vickers Vimy - Vol.1 That Vinyl Scratch

"Vol. 1 That Vinyl Scratch" is the debut album from Galway five piece folk band Vickers Vimy and it contains so many charming, promising, wonderfully composed tunes that I should be singing it's praises all year ......

..... but in the end it leaves me feeling muted. 

This album could easily be the sibling of Eric McGrath's debut album from last year. The vocal deliver is relaxed and charming, the songs are well written tales, there's an abundance of catchy songs and the musicianship is superb. It's quite a struggle to figure out why it's leaving me so flat and unenthusiastic.

There are some touches of sublime quality on the album. For me the Josh Ritter sounding 'Southbound' is the best track on the album. The other songs I love off the album include the catchy 'Charity', last year's single 'Devil on your Back' and this track full of positivity 'Days are Getting Better':

The emphasis of the album is to produce a textured roots album that's very chilled and relaxed. The album has provided excellent background ambiance and at those times when I attentively listened I heard a really good album of songs with superb lyrics. It may well be a commentary on the other music I listen to when really good music like this fails to ignite a passion within me.

Vickers Vimy - Vol 1 That Vinyl Scratch [9 out of 12]