EP Review: Adam Sullivan - You Don't Have The Heart

'You Don't Have The Heart' is a super little EP from American indie-folk artist Adam Sullivan which gives a glimpse of what to expect from Adam's new album due in the Summer. 

"You Don't Have The Heart" is one of four seasonal EPs released last year which will form the bedrock of a new album due in 2013. It kicks off with the heartbreaking atmospheric track 'In Them Hills' which flows seamlessly into the charming Ukulele based 'Cool Kids' where Adam is desperate to be a cool kid himself.

The strength of Adam's songs lie in his ability to fuse piano chords with vocals that tell real tales and invariably using strings to elevate them above the ordinary. He does this successfully on 'Goodbye to Me' and on the wonderful closing track 'Resolution'. My personal favourite track off the EP is 'Home' which has this nostalgic 80's vibe and a heartfelt story. 


Adam Sullivan - You Don't Have The Heart [10 out of 12]