Friday, 18 January 2013

2Day's Tune: PictureHouse - Hello

Ok let's run through a check list for a comeback band like PictureHouse ......

Get a son of a famous Swedish Pop Band's Manager to co-write the single ...... Check (Lasse Anderson- Stig Anderson's (Abba Manager) son - is the co-writer of the album and of 'Hello')

Be away from the 'Scene' long enough to be 'nostailgic' while maintaining a fan base ..... Check (New album is the first since 2002)

Launch the new single in an intimate venue ..... Check (their new single “Hello” which will be launched with a gig in The Village on Wexford Street in Dublin on February 15th.)

Launch a new website ....... Check (

Ensure all your previous albums are for sale ...... Check (

Ensure your frontman keeps making headlines in the band's absence .... Check (

Ensure your return single "Hello" is high on catchyness and less than 3 mins ...... Check

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