In Focus: MRU Awards 2012

We welcome the arrival of the Music Review Unsigned Awards to be held in the Mercantile on December 16th. Unsigned bands are only delighted at being in the spotlight for their considerable efforts to make progress in a difficult musical environment. 

While I welcome the awards a question mark hangs over it's integrity. Many artists below have not released anything as of yet and some have been dormant in 2012 so their nomination is quite baffling. Also the live bands were announced before the final shortlist so it's no surprise that those booked to play make it on the below list. 

However, this is an opportunity for me to find new music and the best new music nominated will be featured below. 

Best Indie/Rock - Sponsored by Ruby Music

Best Blues/Rock - Sponsored by Live Loud Music

Donna Dunne
The Notions
Mama Kaz Band
Crow Black Chicken
Cold Comfort

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Best Electronic/alt - Sponsored by Lakeland Studios

Cocaine Ponytail
Carried By Waves

Best Alternative/Rock - Sponsored by DyNaMik Records

The Selections
Lorcan James
Autonomous i

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Best Metal/Heavy Rock - Sponsored by David Doyle Photography

Time Is A Thief
This Rising Tide

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Best Punk/alt - Sponsored by NorthSouth Festival

Hassle Merchants
24 Broken Amps

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Best Pop/alt - Sponsored by Crux Entertainment

Strange Boats
Morgan Macintyre
Chris Keys
Sinead McNally

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Best Trad/Folk/alt - Sponsored by Rockit Music Management

The Henry Girls
Lights Camera Sundown
Laura Ann Brady
Fiach Moriarty

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Best Soul/Jazz/Funk/alt - Sponsored by DyNaMik Records

Allison McGrath
Fox.E and the Good Hands
Suzanne Savage
Pia Dunne and The Eleusians
Oddsocks Revival

Tip to Win: Fox E & The Good Hands

Best Acoustic/alt - Sponsored by Rockit Music Management

Dave Morrissey
Satori Stream
Jimi Cullen
Pauly Fagan
The Thomas Donoghue Band

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Best Reggae/ska/alt - Sponsored by NonFloating Records

J Roots
The Barley Mob
Dem Fools
Bocs Social

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Best Hip Hop/Rap - Sponsored by The ReSessions

Icarus Rising
Mc Jay Red
Mugsy The Juck

Best Composer/Soundtrack Sponsored by DyNaMik Records

Fran Stone/Pat Cushe

Paul Byrne
Fusion Trip
Mad Hatter

Best Single 2012 - Sponsored by Disc & Print Centre

Bennett vs Matrix - Snow
Kodakid - Portis
Keith O'Brien - Light It Up
Garr Cleary - Twenty Percent
Dead Til Friday - Sweet Disposition

Tip to Win: Keith O'Brien 

Best Album 2012 - Sponsored by Phonic Studios

OCHO - Young Hunting
Autumn Long - Drown The Truth
Knots - Velcet Mindset
Frantic Jack - Last One To Leave
The Radioactive Grandma - The Radioactive Grandma

Tip to Win: Autumn Long

Best Video 2012 - Sponsored by Disc & Print Centre

Wocko - Summer Days
Corrina Jaye - Dark Room
Fancy Crazy - Seven Sea's
Fiach Moriarty - Lullabye
Terawrizt - Unlimited Limitations

Tip to Win: Fiach - Lullabye

Best Newcomer 2012 - Sponsored by Gigs Ireland

In The Willows
Corner Boy
Jenny Liston
Tod Doyle and the Troubled
Connor Hutcheon

Tip to Win: Corner Boy

Best UK act 2012 Sponsored by DyNaMik Records

The Dusk - Cheshire
Angus Powell - Shrewsbury
Michael Reeve - Lincoin
Cyanide later - Midlands
Toxic Melons - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Best International act 2012 - Sponsored by DyNaMik Records

Volume Conflict - South Africa
The Urban EarlyMen - India
Madelene Jænsson - Sweden
NewNobility - Australia
Jordan Andrew Jefferson - USA

Best Female Artist - Sponsored by Disc & Print Centre

Cat Dowling
Rachael McCormack
Corrina Jaye
Sinead McNally
Lynda Cullen

Best Male Artist - Sponsored by Disc & Print Centre

Nigel Connell
Eric McGrath
Peter Tierney
David Hope
Chris Keys

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Best Live music night - Sponsored by NUMU Promotions

Apollo Sessions Every Sunday in the Bleeding Horse, Camden St, Dublin
Saucy Sundays - The Grand Social, Dublin, 5pm until 11pm every Sunday
The Zodiac Sessions - Bruxelles Bar, Dublin, every Wednesday night
The Ruby Sessions - Tuesday night in Doyle's of College Street, Dublin
DimeStore Recordings - Thursday in Sweeney's on Dame Street, Dublin

Best Unsigned Artist 2012 Sponsored By linda welby/ law music

Soldiers Can't Dance
Crow Black Chicken
Bamboo Party
Wicker Bones
Peter Doran

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