Alt Xmas Tune #7: Glen Hansard - High Hopes

Hats off to Glen Hansard for this moving video for his new single 'High Hope' shot in his home town of Ballymun. The video is shot with real empathy which shows the renewed hope that the people of Ballymun have and gives a nice glimpse to a future in Ballymun which is completely different to the stereotypical constraints that has hindered it's cultural development.  'High Hope' is indeed a great alternative Christmas message.

I'm workin' on the high hope
And if it all works out, you might just see me
Or hear from me in a while
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I'm gonna make it across this tight rope
Then I'm comin' for my prize
No more I'll be waitin' 'round
While life just passes by

Maybe when our hearts realign
Maybe when we've both had some times
I'm gonna see you there

I'm gonna see you there, lay
Where we can be natural, lay

Cause I've been livin' in the half life
Not sure which way to turn
Why must a man lose everything
To find out what he wants

I'm gonna wait until it feels right
And when that time has come
Wild horses won't keep me back
From where you have gone

Maybe when we're both old and wise
Maybe when our hearts have had some time
I'm gonna see you there


After all we've seen
We can do anything, lay
Where your heart is strong
Where we can go on and on, lay
Where your good times gone
Where we are forever young, lay
Where your heart is strong
Where we can go on and on, lay, lay!

I wanna see you there

Here's a nice acoustic version of High Hope from KDHX radio. 

& Special Guest Nicole Maguire,

Vicar Street,
17th December – Extra Date,
18th December – Sold Out.