2UIBestow's Top 5 International Albums of the Year

I've decided to widen my focus net to International artists in 2013 which potentially gives me more artists to review, feature and promote. However I see this as an opportunity to focus of quality over quantity with the blog accurately reflecting my music tastes.

Here's the five albums which crossed my path in 2012 which you should check out!

1. Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger

This is a great album from the America Music Club frontman. No one writes songs as good as this one below. Looking forward to see him in February in the Workmans Club.


2. Anais Mitchell - Young Man in America

Anais Mitchell won recognition for her 'Folk Opera' album Hadestown but 'Young Man in America' has won  me over big time for her passion and her fantastic songwriting.


3. Dry The River - Shallow Bed

After giving me goosebumps at Electric Picnic, 'Shallow Bed' was everything I wanted it to be from folk rockers 'Dry The River'.


4. Calexico - Algiers

Calexico return with a typical Calexico sounding album but the songs are still of the finest quality. The song 'Hush' for instance is one of the best songs I've heard all year while 'Para' is a free download through soundcloud.


5. Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur

There were some fantastic songs on the latest release from the Canadian singer-songwriter. I adore her vocals and this album provided me with hours of fine background music in my house in 2012.