Album Review: David Hope - Scarecrow

'Scarecrow' is the second studio album from singer-songwriter David Hope. It's full of warmth, charm and sentimentality which is the complete opposite to the album title. 

Released in Switzerland now and in Ireland in early 2013, Scarecrow found it's way to me and I can't stop listening to it. When an album infiltrates your mind hours after listening to it I'd say that's the right time to review it. The Co. Clare native has released an album of quality roots and folk inspired acoustic music which inspires and soothes in equal measure.

The album contains some re-workings of tracks found on earlier releases such as the wonderfully charming 'Daybreak Someplace' and the roots sounding 'Cloak and Daggers'. Declan Sinnott produced and engineerd a number of tracks including the opener 'Hell or High Water' which can be heard at the end of the review.

For me the best tracks include the catchy 'Fall and Rise', the gritty 'See The Ghost' which showcases David considerable guitar skills and the album closer 'Someone Else's Mind' which finishes the album in fine style.

'Scarecrow' ebbs and flows it's way through the eleven tracks. When the title track brings us down a darker edgy path it's balanced off superbly by the warmth of 'Daybreak Someplace' and before you know it the 38 minutes fly by. The lyrics draw you in with each track telling a murky dark tale like 'Chasing Time' or they'll tell and uplifting tale of love or romance such as 'Hell or High Water'. Either way the lyrics are compelling and have the ability to linger around your mind for a while.

'Scarecrow' is a pretty faultless album of great tunes which will most probably make my best of 2013 list next December!

David Hope - Scarecrow [11 out of 12]

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