Album Review: Róisín O - The Secret Life of Blue

'The Secret life of Blue' is the hugely enjoyable debut album from Dublin band Róisín O released to high acclaim and featuring the superb singles 'Here We Go' and 'How Long'. 

'The Secret Life of Blue' has been the soundtrack to the last few days and it's a really good album without getting to the point where it blows me away. Songs like 'Synchronicity', 'Hold On' and 'Find The Light' are delightful Kate Bush like tracks which show off the lead vocals of Róisín. These slower but moving tracks are joined by the up-tempo singles of 'Here We Go' and 'How Long' to give a varied album of superb tracks.

Apart from the singles the best track on the album is the positive uplifting track 'Let's Find Some People'. There's a few tracks that hid in the background but Róisín's fine vocals make them essential listening throughout.

'The Secret Life of Blue' is a really good album of adult pop music primed for daytime radio.

Róisín O - The Secret Life of Blue [10 out of 12]

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