Album Review: Deetrich - Tug of War

'Tug of War' the debut album from Kilkenny's Deetrich is a commendable 35 minutes of good middle of the road country pop with fantastic vocals and a few excellent tunes. 

'Tug of War' is another album that has grown on me with repeated listens. I finally gave in to it's charm and the pleasant atmospheric moods created within the album. While charming only a few tracks stand-out and therefore this shouldn't be a review which overly recommends you checking out the album. However, Deidre Doyle's excellent vocals elevates the whole album above the ordinary.

The tracks to impress include 'Yellow Radio', the opener 'No Job, No Money' and this song 'Hold Your Fire'.

The best track by far is 'Bent Out of Shape' which has a lovely Americana feel to it in the style of Sheryl Crow.

'Hold Your Fire' and 'Bent out of Shape' are well written tracks with lyrics that grab hold of you. However that type of track was in short supply on the album and therefore there's a limit to how much I'd commend the album.

Deetrich - Tug of War [9 out of 12]

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