Album Review: Heritage Centre - Alright, Check It Out

'Alright, Check It Out' is the long awaited debut album from alternative pop band Heritage Centre. I had high hopes for this album and it doesn't disappoint. Potential album of 2012 here!

I've always given Heritage Centre huge praise on the blog over the years and I'm so delighted at being able to finally review their debut album. 'Alright, Check It Out' is a superb set of indie anthems that works on so many levels. The songs are meaningful with biting reflective lyrics and the choruses are catchy while at it's heart has a fuzzy guitar driven sound.

Every track on the album is quality with my favourite track changing on every listen. Recent single 'Oldest Friend', 'You Are Something' and 'All in the Way' stand out for me on this listen but frankly I can skip to any track and I'm going to hit a quality track like this one;

The key aspect of the album for me is the meaningful lyrics throughout such as the positive opening track 'Don't You Give Up on Yourself' to the delicious love story of 'Satellites'. Check out the video for current single 'The Pros and Cons of Cowardice'.

Comparisons can be made to bands like Weezer and Pavement and they are fully justified on evidence from 'Alright, Check it Out'. Heritage Centre are a band who have got an international sound to rival no one else in Ireland at the moment. 

Heritage Centre - Alright, Check It Out [12 out of 12]

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Album launch is in The Grand Social on September 22nd with the excellent 'Master & Dog' in support.