Album Review: Alan Marshall - Suliven Heights

After many years in the Irish Music circuit, Scotsman Alan Marshall finally released his debut album this year entitled 'Suliven Heights' and it's well worth the listen.

Alan's been part of the Irish music scene for many years leading a double life where he plays to thousands as frontman to an adoring covers band while busily making good original music. 'Suliven Heights' is a decent album which flirts with many genres but swaggers along with pride in a very distinct original way. The lyrics are flirty and fun at times yet there are songs of real depth lyrically.

The best songs on the album are them fun funky tunes that includes the opener 'Good-time Girl', 'High Five' and this biting track 'The Comedian'.

The anti-war track 'Winter Sun' is so well written while 'More Fool You' is a straight up singer-songwriter tune of real heart and reminds me of the solo material from Chris Cornell. 'More Fool You' is for me the best track on 'Suliven Heights'.

'Suliven Heights' is an honest album of decent tunes which I'm delighted has finally been released as an album.

Alan Marshall - Suliven Heights [8 out of 12]


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