Electric Picnic Picks #4 - Dem Fools

It's that time of the year nearly every Irish bands gets to update their status with 'We're Playing The Picnic'. To help you find the best bands on the schedule before you get to Stradbally I'll be picking ten relatively unknown bands for you to find at Electric Picnic. 

Dublin's Dem Fools are a funky roots pop band with a wonderful female lead vocalist and fine harmonies. A few people have told me that Dem Fools are a great band and should be one of your bands to see at Electric Picnic. 

Dem Fools are on the Salty Dog Stage on Sunday evening at 6pm;

The Salty Dog Stage Line-up on Sunday 2nd Sept

Sunday, 2 September 2102

02.00-03.00 The Mighty Stef
01.00-01.50 Cujo Family
24.00-24.50 Black Friday
22.45-23.45 The Pete Pamf Sextette
21:00-22.30 Cracked Bucket Band and Blank Squares
19:00-19.50 Fred
18:00-18.50 Dem Fools
17:00-17.50 Raglans
16:00-16.50 Gypsy Rebel Rabble
15:00-15.50 Fox E & The Good Hands
14:00-14.50 The Dead Zoo
12:00-14.00 Tom Whitrow and Nick Sergeant’s Gospel Love Brunch