Album Review: Pearse McGloughlin & Nocturnes - In Movement

'In Movement' is the second album from Sligo's Pearse McGloughlin. It's an album I've been reviewing in my mind for weeks and after numerous listens I'm able to write this review. 

The first thing to clear up is that 'In Movement' is a grower of an album. On first listen there were two standout tracks [Bright Star & Morning Mist] and as time moves on other gems come to the forefront. For instance my favourite song is 'The Lonely Track' which is an 'Iron & Wine' sounding epic folk song with dark overtones and subtly texture. In isolation it's a great song but for some reason struggles to shine while listening to the album as a whole. Another fine tune is charming 'Temps Perdu' with the glorious sounds of autoharp, piano and double bass.

It took me some time to structure a review in my mind for 'In Movement' because many of the songs come and go before it becomes clear what the subject or context of the song is. While on the one hand the album requires attentive listening, it's atmospheric charm almost demands a late night bedsit to accommodate the 'In Movement' sounds like the brilliant 'Bright Star', 'You And The Lion' and this track 'Twine'. 

So while it's not a glowing recommendation, Pearse McGloughlin is a fine songwriter who deserves your attention.

Pearse McGloughlin & Nocturnes - In Movement [9 out of 12]