Album Review: Eric McGrath - Little Ripples

Delightful little folk debut album from Dublin's Eric McGrath. Released with a free launch in The Sugar Club this coming Thursday!

I genuinely couldn't get Eric McGrath's music out of my head last night. It may mean I've listened to the album 'Little Ripples' far too much over the last two weeks or it could suggest that Eric' songs are so good they linger long after you've heard them. It's definitively more of the latter!

Eric's music is a perfect match for this blog. The album is brimming with gentle charming songs which are well written tales of hope, love, potential and compassion. There's not a note or lyric out of place on the whole album and I've struggled to find a single negative aspect anywhere on 'Little Ripples'. 

'Little Ripples' kicks off with the first single 'Let's Get Curious' which oozes Summer sounds from it. The hugely positive 'Ripples into Waves' follows which is such a great inspirational track. It sounds like the folk music made famous by Simon & Garfunkel. I love the lyrics of the chorus 
"So get up, go out, let them know what we’re about, Take a chance, take a stance.
So many sleeping people, who just don’t know they’re capable of making little ripples into waves."

The other stand out tracks for me include the tale of lost love 'The Lost Romance', the waltzing 'Carousel' and the wonderfully written 'Abuelo'. Many of the tracks have that 'Old Time' jazzy edge in the songs which makes the album even more enjoyable! It's an album fit for Summer days relaxing in the Sun or for times you need that little bit of inspiration to turn ripples into waves!

Eric McGrath - Little Ripples [12 out of 12]