Album Review: Dayo & The Swing Folk - For Whom Do You Do

'For Whom Do You Do' is a fine jazzy folk debut album from Dubliner Dayo and his band of Swing Folk. The songs are good honest stories with fantastic musicianship and excellent pleasant vocals from Dayo. 

Astral Weeks and the albums of Tim Buckley must have been a big influence to Dayo & The Swing Folk as their debut album 'For Whom Do You Do' would fit in well next to Van Morrison's classic. The jazzy sounds of the double bass, saxophone and keys accompany Dayo's gentle guitar riffs to fine effect.

The album consists of ten well written songs each with their own story. Standout tracks include the opener 'No Say', the charming 'For Me' and 'Getting Me Down' about being stuck in a rut and finding ways to escape.

The best track for me is the wonderful 'Borrowed Time'. It's a song about making the most of life in the now. 'Always See The Light, Always Live in Hope, Try To Find The Right Whose End I'll Never Know'.

You get the sense from listening to this album that this is a very personal collection of songs which means a huge amount to it's composer. In this age where almost every act is 'independent', Dayo & The Swing Folk bring out a great little album without any attempt of fanfare in the hope that people will relate to the music and the lyrics and help spread the word. This is me spreading the word on a really good debut album from Dayo & The Swing Folk. 

Dayo & The Swing Folk - For Whom Do You Do [10 out of 12]