Singles Battle #6: Rezlow Vs She's A Beauty

Singles Battle is a little thing I do for fun where I compare and contrast two totally unrelated singles from Irish acts! This week it's ......

Rezlow - Face Down

Rezlow release their second single 'Face Down' this week. The band features the amazing vocal talents of Dubliner Terry Sutton. I've written a number of times about the potential of this band. Their edgy rock sound mixed with Terry's vocals and lyrics is for me a winning formula and makes me excited about the prospect of a debut album to discover. That being said 'Face Down' is a decent track that ticks along at a constant pace without the punch I was expecting on first listen. It feels like an album track rather than a single as the tempo doesn't vary much throughout. I still love their sound and 'Face Down' is primed for daytime radio but it didn't give me anything to be too excited about.


She's A Beauty - Too Much Confusion

'Too Much Confusion' is in fact a charity single from the Kildare band. "Too Much Confusion is available for download from Sunday, 27th May. The track will cost a minimum donation of €1 to download and all proceeds will be going towards Oxjam Ireland's grow campaign."

I've heard a few songs from She's A Beauty and they are a bit hit and miss. I wasn't expecting much from 'Too Much Confusion' but this is a seriously classy song. It kicks off with pleasant vocals and keys before it goes to an impressive full band sound. It's subtle to begin with then progresses while constantly keeping your attention which is tough for a song of nearly five minutes. The lyrics are inspirational throughout filled with shear emotion. This is such a great tune.


There's a number of similarities with Rezlow & She's a Beauty. While they are at contrasting life stages; in terms of band years these are two young bands. Both have wonderful vocalists and the two songs rely heavily on the vocals to carry the track and to keep your attention. Also music wise the two tracks may well have been composed on piano which features prominently on each track. The contrast for me is that the younger band She's a Beauty got their track right with emotions and feelings infused into their song. 

Rezlow - Face Down [10 out of 12]

She's a Beauty - Too Much Confusion [12 out of 12]