EP Review: Cry Monster Cry - The Fallen

'The Fallen' is a fine collection of tunes which are brimming with charm and delicate folk sounds from the harmonic siblings 'Cry Monster Cry'.

When the time comes to produce my top 50 songs of the year the title tune of this EP will almost definitely be in the top ten. It's a gorgeous emotive track which carries you along on the melody. The violin is superb and the harmonies and lovely. There's a tension within the lyrics which the music compliments greatly to achieve an edge to the harmonic folk of the EP.

The other tracks blend in well with the title track. The EP kicks off with 'Polaris' which finds the brothers' harmonies backed by fine musicianship of mandolin, drums and bass. 'On Tangled Shores' works because of them fine harmonies and intriguing story. It finishes with the short folk song 'As Long As You're Left To Carry On'. Each of these tracks are pretty good but the title track takes some beating for me.

The only problem I have with the EP is also the thing that makes 'Cry Monster Cry' such a good band. The vocals and the harmonies and just too pleasant. I've listened to the EP a good number of times and I've struggled to grasp the point of the lyrics. Luckily they are printed inside the cd cover and in the main I've enjoyed reading the lyrics but I wasn't enthralled too much by the lyrics when sung in the tracks. 

Cry Monster Cry - The Fallen [10 out 12]

The EP is launched this Friday in Whelans!