Singles Battle #6: Sive Vs The Aluskas

Purely for something a bit different, I pit two singles from Irish artists to battle so I can review and then compare and contrast the singles.

Singles Battle # 6: Sive Vs The Aluskas

Sive - Sunkissed

Sive is in full promo mode at the moment with Sinkissed released this week as a single ahead of the band's debut album released on the 19th April called 'We Are Moving'. 'Sunkissed' is a gorgeous song brimming with charm. Sive's music reminds me of a less full on version of Anna Calvi. 'Sunkissed' is a great song due to Sadhbh's vocals and the lyrics which drag you into the love story.

Download 'Sunkissed' here:

The video should be checked out too!


The Aluskas - Where We Started Out

Dublin band 'The Aluskas' return with a second single 'When We Started Out' which includes a b-side entitled 'Strawberry Jam'. The good time rock sound of The Aluskas work because they keep the sound simple and the vocals including backing vocals are very effective. 'Where We Started Out' is three minutes of fun which deserves to be listened to en masse.

Download 'When We Stared Out' here:

Check out the video too:


Sive and The Aluskas are both in full on promotional mode aiming to get their music out there to the public. Both artists deserve their place among the playlists of radio stations but as most people in the music business know that is becoming virtually impossible to achieve. There's way more depth to Sive's track but then again The Aluskas are probably not looking for depth. They are writing songs for people to sing, dance and bop their heads to and for the moment they are certainly good at doing that. 'Sunkissed' though is a timely reminder about how good a band Sive is and I can't wait to hear their debut album 'We Are Moving'!

Sive - Sunkissed [11 out of 12]

The Aluskas - When We Started Out [10 out of 12]