Single Review: The Riptide Movement - Thieves in the Gallery

The Riptide Movement are back with a new album 'Keep on keepin' on' in which the laid back sounds of 'Thieves in the Gallery' was chosen as the first single.

Apparently The Riptide Movement sold 15,000 copies of their debut album and have very quickly brought out it's successor 'Keep on keeping on.' This is some achievement for a band working full time on the Irish market whose sound isn't exactly mainstream. Some of their songs have sounded to me like 'Status Quo' covers and they were the better ones! 'Thieves in the Gallery' shatters that opinion I have of the band and their music. The vocals sound really good on this track while the strings are effective without being full on. It's a really impressive song.

The Riptide Movement - Thieves on the Gallery [10 out of 12]

As it's Tuesday, that means Jon Richards Galway Bay fm will be playing 'Thieves in the Gallery' from The Riptide Movement after 1pm on his show! The Riptide Movement release their second album this Friday with gigs in The Academy 2 on Saturday and they'll be playing the Roisin Dubh on May 11!