Album Review: Kopek - White Collar Lies

Surprisingly enjoyable heavy rock album from Dublin band Kopek. Our next global export? Possibly! 

The story of Kopek has been many years in the making. In 2005 Kopek won the Best Live Act at the Global Battle Of The Bands, garnering them $100,000 and a world tour. It's taken them five years to release 'White Collar Lies' in the US and a further two years to get it out Worldwide. They've toured the world constantly since 2005 and got their music onto shows such as CSI, Jersey Shore as well as on the Saw 3D soundtrack and the new American Pie movie released soon. So with all that are Kopek any good?

Readers of this blog will know I'm all for good lyrics, melodies and a dose of charm in the music I like. Kopek lacks charm and pleasant vocals yet some of the songs on 'White Collar Lies' have really good lyrics and they have an ability to grab my attention. It would be a big misconception to consider Kopek as a good time hard rock band without substance like The Darkness or some other thrash like that. Songs like the excellent title track and 'Bigger Than Us All' show a sense of maturity in the band's songwriting which when combined with their hard rock edge is a winning formula in my book.

I'm not sure Kopek will be successful for their insightful lyrics. Songs like 'Cocaine Chest Pains', 'Fever' and single 'Love is Dead' sum up the sound of Kopek with their grungie vocals, catchy choruses and big guitar riffs.

There are a few weak songs on the album but I was massively surprised by how much I've enjoyed listening to the album. As mentioned above the songs have the ability to draw you in and to hold your attention. The best tracks on the album are 'Love Sick Blues', 'Fever', 'Bigger Than Us All' and in particular the title track 'White Collar Lies'.

Kopek - White Collar Lies [9 out of 12]

Here's the official video for 'Cocaine Chest Pains'