Singles Battle # 5: Heathers Vs Autumn Long

Singles Battle is a little thing I do for fun where I compare n contrast two totally unrelated singles from Irish acts! This week it's ......

Heathers - Forget Me Knots

Taken from that traditionally awkward second album, Forget Me Knots is a slight departure from the basic acoustic set-up of guitars and harmonies. These are still there but with the added soundtrack of radio friendly beats and keys. The key selling point of the band are those wonderful harmonies which together with the inspirational lyrics makes this a very welcome return to form for the band. Get the single for free from here for a limited time:

Autumn Long - Nowhere Fast

Nowhere Fast is the second single to be taken from the band's debut album to be released this Summer. It's a fine rock song which is carried by Padriag Digan's quality vocals and songwriting. It's a song of despair and of going nowhere fast which actually works as decent rock song! The single is launched in The Odessa Club on Thursday 5th April  with support from Chayka who will be opening with an unplugged set!!ADM - €10


These two singles are very radio friendly and heavily rely on quality vocals for their effectiveness. Heathers have a lot to prove after a gigging hiatus of well over a year and while some people may miss the basic charm of guitars and melodies I think their fanbase will increase massively from this single. Autumn Long are still a young band aiming to get their music to as many people as possible before they take the plunge and release their debut album. Nowhere Fast is a good song but I've heard better songs from the band that would have been more suited to be released as a single!

Heathers - Forget Me Knots [9 out of 12]

Autumn Long - Nowhere Fast [8 out of 12]