Album Review: Twin Terrace - Plural

Every now and then a little gem album comes along out of nowhere and blows me away! 'Plural' by Twin Terrace is a genuine contender for album of 2012.

'Plural' was paradoxically written, performed, recorded and mixed solely by Gavin Redmond under the band name 'Twin Terrace'. On various tracks he is joined by Stephen Parnell on Bass, Storyfold's Michael Fortune on guitar and Catherine Dolan providing 'Hope Sandoval' style backing vocals on the songs 'Victory Square' and 'Thin Air'. 'Plural' is very much like an old school shoegaze indie album without the feedback! I've spoken to a few people about the album and I struggle to describe the unique yet familiar sound. Here's the lead single from the album; 'You Keep Coming Back'

While I like the single, for me the impact tracks on the album are the middle bunch of five songs. The chorus of 'I Thought I'd Leave With You' hits home big time while the tracks with Catherine Dolan on backing vocals are simply superb. 'Thin Air' which you can hear below is vocally the best track on the album with the best lyrics and the impact from the backing vocals taking the track to another level.

The songs are well written and varied. The lyrics while not life changing keep your attention throughout the album. It's a dreamy fuzzy sound that works equally well as background music or for something worthwhile to get into. The only negative for me is that there are a few tracks that don't hit the heights on 'Thin Air' and 'Aquarium'!

Twin Terrace - Plural [11 out of 12]

Plural is out on April 6th!

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