Album Review - Mossy Nolan [Self-titled]

Wonderful debut album from Galway's Mossy Nolan which shines a light on enriched Irish trad and folk.

Artwork by Damien Martin

This album is a celebration of the trad and folk that's deep within our culture. From the instrumental jigs of 'Two Flats One Pump' and 'Swedish Jigs/I Met Betty Kelly' to Ewan MaColl's 'Tunnel Tigers' and Liam Weldon's 'Dark Horse on the Wind' this album aims to simply celebrate the folk genre in it's purity and showcases the songwriting and vocal talents of Mossy Nolan.

Mossy's vocals throughout the album are superb. One of my favourite tracks is 'Man Midland' written by and performed Mossy with just his voice and bouzoki accompanying the delicate lyrics. Mossy's take on 'Wild Mountain thyme' is beautiful and the intense interpretation of 'Dark Horse on the Wind' needs to be witnessed live! Of the jigs and instrumentals on the album my favourite is the Eastern European influenced composition 'Two Flats One Pump'.

I was at the album launch and the album made so much sense as I can visually link it to the live performance of the songs. I highly recommend you going to see Mossy and his band live as well as to get this album. There's enough great songs on the album to keep me enthralled throughout. 

Mossy Nolan - self-titled [11 out of 12]