Single Battles #2 - The Dirty 9s Vs The Frank & Walters

This is the second battle of a regular feature where I'm going to compare and contrast two singles from current Irish Artists.

Battle #2

The Dirty 9s released a new single from their soon to be released second album. Straight away I hear a clear difference between 'Hey' and their earlier debut album. The indie edge is still there but there's a freshness about 'Hey'. This fun three minute pop song epitomizes what the band are about. Fergal's vocals are pivotal to the song and along with it's all round catchiness makes this song one of the best new Irish releases of the year.

There's a wonderful video for it too!


The Frank & Walters have released another fine pop song called 'Indie Love Song'. The lyrics remind me of the single from The Divine Comedy last year 'At The Indie Disco'. While Neil Hannon's song was brilliant I felt an unease with the lyrics in the same way as it doesn't make much sense to me to have a band with their 'Hey Day' two decades ago singing about writing 'Indie Love Songs'! The single is pure to the Frank & Walters sound and will please their fans. There's also a really cute video to accompany the song!


In many respects The Dirty 9s could be the modern day version of The Frank & Walters! They both have vocalists with distinct styles and have the ability to write three minute pop wonders. I would hope however that the song themes develop with time for The Dirty 9s which on the basis of 'Indie Love Song' can't be said about The Franks!

The Dirty 9s - Hey [11 out of 12]

The Frank & Walters - Indie Love Song [8 out of 12]