Single Battles #1: Bressie Vs Myles Manley

This is the first of a regular feature where I'm going to compare and contrast two very different singles from current Irish Artists.

Battle #1


         Bressie                   vs                    Myles Manley

Bressie's new single is the 'Breaking My Fall' from his debut album entitled 'Colourblind Stereo'. The first impression I get from the track is 'oh dear'! I'm thinking poor Bressie, after the demise of The Blizzards and the music executive heads are forcing him down the road of thrashy radio friendly fuzz. Then I remember that Bressie is an expert in the business and deserves no sympathy. Here's the single 'Breaking My Fall' coming to a popular radio station near you this Spring!

Sligo's Myles Manley's debut single 'Music for White People' was released last week and is available for the month of February as a free download. The single kicks off in fine style but it hits the wall with Myles' vocals. The vocals are very distinct and unusual and not to everyone's taste. However the lyrics in Myles' songs are well thought out and meaningful. The song is very catchy and became my earworm last weekend. This is a song unlikely to get widespread radio play so I'd encourage you to get the single for free here:

So Bressie can sing well, and at the 2 min mark of 'Breaking My Fall' can mix the singing with a bit of rap! Myles has an unusual voice but can write a good tune. Bressie's audience consists of late teens free spirited college students. Myles appeals to the self conscious of us! Both songs have their merits but I enjoyed Myles Manley's 'Music for White People' far more than the pop from Bressie! 

Bressie - Breaking My Fall [5 out of 12]

Myles Manley - Music for White People [8 out of 12]