Fund It .... Are You In? Part 2!

I might make this a regular monthly update on the blog this year and Irish bands aim to battle the recession by thinking of new ways to fund the release of an album. Here I talk about the ways Delorentos, El Hombre Jokes, Yngve & The Innocent, The Walls and The Pale are attempting to bring their sounds to the masses!

Delorentos - Pop-Up Shops

I know it's a case of 'If the mountain won't go to Muhammad ...' but according to the various twitter and facebook updates out there this pop-up shop worked really well. The all ages shows in the retail space brought the band to a whole new audience and offered a new opportunity to sell merchandise to people out shopping on a Saturday afternoon. I have no doubt that other bands and labels will follow Delorentos' lead on this!


El Hombre Jokes - Fund It:

The power pop trio have a great debut album in them but need the funding to keep going. They've just set up a Fund It page and they are looking for a modest €3000 to record and market their debut album.

Sample Reward: €100 + gets you Signed, Personalised Physical Copy of the Album posted, 4 Tickets to any of our Irish Tour Dates, Limited Edition T-Shirt plus a full promotional Press Pack, Handwritten Lyrics


Yngve & the Innocent - Fund It:

Irish raised Yngve and his band have recorded their debut album. They are looking for €5000 to pay for cd duplication and PR to enable their music to reach the masses. They state the funding will go "towards efficient promotion through Bloody Awful Poetry a PR company we used for our last single 'Draw A Line' which got us lots of favourable coverage in print and online media and got us played on BBC Radio 2 by Steve Lemacq." So there .... fund the band to help pay for PR!

Sample Reward: €30 + gets you: Happy Birthday sang to you or a friend of your choice over the phone and a copy of the album signed by the band (includes shipping)


The Pale - Mobile App Tour of Dublin

While this isn't a Funding project this is an interesting initiative from The Pale. "The App takes the form of a tour of Dublin, which sees the band taking in some of the more interesting, innovative and inspirational sights the city has to offer. Along the way they perform acoustic versions songs from the album at each location, chat to the patrons of the various businesses and initiatives they visit and give their own unique insight into a lesser spotted side of Dublin." ....

The logic is great. People are into apps these days so why not flog one with our music on it! Simple and I'm sure will become a marketing tool in the future!


The Walls - Fund It:

The Walls along with Julie Feeney must be the most high profile band to fund an album using Fund It! The band are looking for a whopping ten grand! €10,000? Apparently it's "To pay for the mastering, artwork, manufacturing etc .... We’ve set the target at €10,000 but we really hope to raise more as the overall costs far exceed that amount." Hmmm I'd be surprised if they get close to the 10K mark!

Sample Reward: €75 + gets you: A high quality 12inch photo-print of the album artwork + a signed copy of the new (limited edition digipak version) + a download voucher for b-sides & rarities album ‘Folk Muzak’. (Limited number of these rewards available).