Single Review: Heritage Centre - Don't You Ever Give Up On Yourself

Power Pop bliss from Ireland's prodigal sons 'Heritage Centre'. A sign of a great debut album on the horizon!

Heritage Centre are a progressive pop band with alternative leanings. The vocals are crystal clear and enjoyable to listen to. The music builds along quite nicely while not reaching ridiculous heights. The reason the music doesn't take off to an energetic high is because the song relies on it's meaningful lyrics. The song title hints at a song about friendship, hope compassion and being supportive which it most certainly is!

'Don't You Give Up On Yourself' is one of them rare tunes in which the lyrics are thoughtful and meaningful as well as the song being a radio friendly pop anthem!

Heritage Centre - Don't You Ever Give Up On Yourself  [10 out of 12]

  Don't You Ever Give Up On Yourself? by Heritage Centre

The single launch is this Saturday in The Grand Social!