EuroSonic: A Preview [Part One]

Eurosonic Noorderslag is Europe's main conference and showcase festival for European music. With 180 European acts performing in more than 20 venues and over 3,000 music professionals from all over Europe attending and it's this week!

EuroSonic highlights one European country with a flourishing musical climate, and 2012 is Ireland’s year to shine. The acts selected to play this year are: Bitches With Wolves, Cashier no9, Fionn Regan, We Cut Corners, Emmet Tinley, Foy Vance, Funeral Suits, God Is An Astronaut, Hello Moon, James Vincent McMorrow, Jape, LaFaro, Lisa Hannigan, Mojo Fury, Rams Pocket Radio, Squarehead, The Cast of Cheers, The Minutes,Thread Pulls, Toby Karr and Wallis Bird. 

So how will each of these bands/artists do at Eurosonic during their somewhat short time to impress promotors, booking agents, bloggers etc?

Weds 11th Jan

Lisa Hannigan - Grand Theatre 23.00 - 23.45 

Lisa will be aiming for lots of festival booking this Summer to help promote her critically acclaimed second album 'Passengers'. Lisa Hannigan will be one of Ireland's major success stories at the festival.


Thursday 12th Jan

God is an Astronaut - Vera  20.00 - 20.40

8pm is a ridiculous time to be listening to the apocalyptic sound of God is an Astronaut. The band are celebrating ten years in music and have done an amazing job building a solid worldwide fan base. EuroSonic should ensure a decent block of bookings for the Summer!

  G.I.A.A-Echoes by DamianChennells


Jape - Grand Theatre 20.00 - 20.40

For an artist like Jape who has a solid following in Ireland this showcase will be essential if he is to further his career. 


Emmett Tinley - Forum Images 20.30 - 21.10

EuroSonic will also be important for the former singer of The Prayer Boat. Emmett will be promoting his new self-titled album which is being released through the regions over the course of the year. 


Squarehead - DeSpieghel 21.30 - 22.15

I suspect Squarehead will have a ball and make many friends and fans along the way!

  Fake Blood by ssquareheadd


Wallis Bird - Hulze Maas 21.30 - 22.15

Along with Lisa Hannigan and James Vincent McMorrow, Wallis will not just be aiming for spots at festivals but aiming for acclaimed high-up spots on the bill!


Mojo Fury -  DeSpieghel 22.15 - 23.00

These Belfast hard rockers will if this song 'The Mann' suggests be explosive at EuroSonic!

  Mojo Fury - The Mann by MojoFury 


Thread Pulls - Het Palels 23.00 - 23.30

A massive opportunity for the duo whose sound is described as "stripped back to a core of drums and bass. Skewed grooves anchor their hypnotic proto-disco sound - kick-drum centred and sub-bass heavy." 

  Thread Pulls - Weight by osakaRecords


The Minutes - Vindicat 23.45 - 00.30

The Minutes recently won acclaim in the UK with some high profile festival spots and an Autumn tour. Their performance in EuroSonic preceeds an 11 date UK tour in February and March. The Minutes have their sights firmly set on the UK and Europe market so EuroSonic will be massive for the band.

  The Minutes- Black Keys by The Minutes


James Vincent McMorrow - Schouwburg 00.20 - 01.00

JVMcM's set is at a ridiculous time but I hope that hinder his chances of being identified as one of Ireland's best songwriters and performers. 


Bitches With Wolves - DeSpieghel 00.30 - 01.15

If there's an Irish act best suited to a European Music Festival it has to be Bitches With Wolves. They'll be the find of the festival!

  Tip Of My Tongue by Bitches With Wolves music


Lafaro - Vindicat 01.15 - 02.00 

Belfast band Lafaro signed with Smalltown America and recalling Jesus Lizard, Shellac and Helmet and NI melodic rockers Therapy? They'll do the business at EuroSonic!