Album Review: Emmett Tinley - Self-titled

Emmett Tinley released his second solo album late last year. The self-titled album very much satisfies this fan of Emmett's earlier band The Prayer Boat. It's a positive mature album mainly dealing with relationships and love! 

Some of this album was recorded in 2010 in LA, while the rest came together in Denmark in 2011. Here in 2012 Emmett seems to be working the Benelux market and the album is released by Mass Marketing Recordings which is based in The Netherlands. When the much traveled Emmett Tinley sings you simply can't help but be in admiration. The key to Emmett Tinley is that the vocals bring to life the wonderful lyrics which the artistic Emmett has written on his travels.

The album begins with the most unusual uplifting songs I've heard in a long time. 'Takes A Long Time To Heal' about the break up of a relationship and moving on with your life is inspirational. " ...... a little spark, lights a flame, that starts a fire that burns the hurt and pain away ... it's hard to lift the soul up every day" It's simply a breathtaking song of beauty.

Other highlights include 'Marvelous Day' which makes life look brighter. 'In My Life' is a little country song together with slide guitar and catchy lyrics about "something that's missing from my life". I love the simplicity of 'Sooner or Later' where Emmett's voice is accompanied by a soft guitar rift and trumpet. 'Nothing in Between' is the closest song that resembles the old 'Prayer Boat' days and therefore is a cracking tune!

The only negative I have with the album concerns the production. All the tracks features front and central Emmett's intense vocals. The result of that is uniformity across the songs. Some of the tracks would have benefited from a reduction on the levels of Emmett's vocals and an increase on guitars and drums. In particular I'm thinking the track 'I Want To Recieve You' would have been better with a reduction in the level of the vocals. However the quality of the songs shines through and I'd claim that this album is better than the acclaimed debut 'Attic Faith'.

Emmett Tinley - Self-titled [11 out of 12]

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