Introducing: A Mix of New Irish Bands #4

Every fortnight I'm going to share the new music I find with you in a compilation Mix post. This is number four and features some particularly good bands!



Wiltz is a fine Wicklow three piece instrumental post-rock band who have put their debut self-titled EP onto bandcamp for free downloading! WHat I hear you say ANOTHER instrumental post-rock band from Ireland? Yeah but I like this music in a 'God is an Astronaut' style!



Donegal's traditional Irish band Fidil was formed in 2008, after the launch of the critically acclaimed duet album of the same name by Aidan O’Donnell and Ciarán Ó Maonaigh. Their bringing gutsy Irish trad into a whole new era!

Fidil - Hudi's by IASCA


Allie Bradley

Belfast's Allie Bradley makes enriched radio friendly pop and has two EPs released already. Think on the lines of an Irish Amiee Mann. Allie is definitely someone to check out live in the future.

Elliott by Allie Bradley


The Needables

I love the band's bio: "The Needables are Beat and Floyd Needable, both former fishermen, both former members of a cartoon themed barbershop quintet, and both men living lives of blissful ignorance, who, on two non-simultaneous occasions, woke up to the realisation that the strings of their hearts made a kinda country twang." Brilliant! An Americana Irish rock band are few and far between and The Needables are a very good band indeed!

Beauty From A Kiss by The Needables


Declan Kelly

There is a place in this world for instrumental music like this produced by Galway's Declan Lynch. That is all!

Krakatoan Rebuttal by DeclanQKelly


Like There's No Tomorrow

LTNT is the solo band/album by Anthony Mackey, usually found in Ireland's stubborn hard rocking rock band Large Mound. Listening to the album brings to mind US indie band nostalgia. For fans of Yo la Tengo, early REM, They Might Be Giants etc.

Like There's NO Tomorrow - Last Chance by anthonymackey

Buy the album:


Fear of Folk

It's a bit tricky to write about 'Fear of Folk' as info on the band is a pit patchy and I only have one mp3 [sent directly to me] to make judgments. The track while not making me enthusiastic shows that the band 'Fear of Folk' has a a great future in the American/Country genre!!/pages/Fear-of-Folk/197877423592919?sk=wall


My Pilot

I've a habit of leaving the best until the very last! The music on My Pilot's first two EPs interest me greatly. My Pilot is an alternative rock band but there are some sublime sounds within the EPs such as my favourite 'Innocent Grace':

My Pilot - Innocent Grace by My Pilot