Best 15 Songs of 2011

We're past half way in 2011 and the quality in music produced by Irish artists is getting better and better. I've already reviewed three albums this year where I've given full ratings for. In other words the albums from Favourite Sons, Jukebox Gypsy and Reader's Wives were flawless.

Here's the best fifteen new tunes I've heard in 2011.

[Disclaimer; No one person can listen to every Irish song released but I wanted to clear up that prominent albums from people like Ryan Sheridan, Bell X1, Gemma Hayes, Declan O'Rourke, Mundy, Eoin Glackin, Cashier No. 9 and ASIWYFA have yet to be listened to or processed by myself!]

1. Jukebox Gypsy - The Month

The Month is a heartfelt tune written about an unbelievably difficult month of the author and it's sung with emotion and charm.

Jukebox Gypsy - The Month by 2uibestow

2. The Gorgeous Colours - It's OK To Be Normal

It's all about them gorgeous strings in the new single from The Gorgeous Colours. I loved their 2009 debut album but it looks like their second album will be very special indeed!

3. Reader's Wives - Laughter/Commute

The lyrics describe that personal journey we all go through when away of reflection and projection back and forth until darkness turns to laughter. A great tune from a superb album.

Laughter / Commute by ReadersWives

4. The Riot Tapes - Photograph

The Riot Tapes have perfected the radio friendly pop/rock sound and are going global with it!

The Riot Tapes - Photograph (single) by the riot tapes

5. Arrow in the Sky - Ghost Town

The lyrics, strings and folky vibe make this song for me. The harmonies of the chorus are delicate and delicious. Wonderful music from the Mullingar duo.

Ghost Town by arrowinthesky

6. Favourite Sons - The Great Deal of Love

Ken Griffen is a lyrical genius for me. The title track of Favourite Sons' second album is an epic song with deep lyrics and wonderful vocals.

The Great Deal of Love by FavouriteSons

7. Nick Carswell & The Elective Orchestra - From The Ground Up

I adore how the vocals and music intertwine and reflect the mood created from the inspirational lyrics. The Elective Orchestra's debut album is well worth checking out.

From The Ground Up by The Elective Orchestra

8. Burning Codes - Rivers of Hope

If you're feeling the need for a quick boost have a listen to 'Rivers of Hope' for a gospel inspired few minutes of hope!

9. Henrietta Game - The Last Thing

I'm delighted that Henrietta Game are getting the attention they deserve. They are a wonderful band and superb musicians. The Last Thing is the best of a great bunch of tunes from their debut 'Black Ship'.

LAST THING by Henrietta Game

10. Storyfold - The Sweetest Silence

I love the female/male vocals of the chorus in this excellent tune from Storyfold.

The Sweetest Silence by storyfold

11. A Lazarus Soul - Save Our Greenbelt

Most of the tunes on this list have lyrics which say something and I relate with. 'Save Our Greenbelt' is another which hits home to me. A great song from a great band.

Save our Greenbelt by alazarussoul

12. Owensie - Lonely Wood

I love the guitar rifts of 'Lonely Wood' and when the strings kick in it becomes a beautiful composition.

Lonely Wood by OOAL

13. Padraig McCauley & The P Affection - The Flood

This is another song elevated by the inclusion of the warm strings within the pop sounds of The Flood. If there was any justice in the world The P Affection would have been a big seller!

The Flood by thepaffection

14. Battle of 2nd Place - Held To You

The 2nd best band you'll hear released a decent debut album but finished with a quality track called 'Held To You' which showcases Orlaith Prendergast's quality lead vocals. Listen out to the two false endings!

Held To You by battleforsecondplace

15. Bill Coleman - Runaway

I cheekily included this Kanye West cover from Bill Coleman and it's the third time I've embedded the track on the blog but it's an amazing version that you should discover!

Cover - Runaway (Kanye West) by bcoleman