Album Review: The Whatmans - Fire Up The Masses

Explosive debut album from The Whatmans. Their big sound is not to everyone's taste but there's much to admire from the Navan band.

I've really enjoyed dissecting 'Fire Up The Masses', the debut album from The Whatmans. While I find it difficult to get excited about the edgy rock on offer; there is one really great tune among an album of bog standard 'nod you head' rock songs. 'Get You Off' has a superb bass line and guitar rift which reminds me of early 90's indie bands like Ride, Lush or Swervedriver. Other songs which are decent are 'Devil Shoes' and the opening track 'One For The Music'.

'Fire Up The Masses' displays the bands Kasabian/Oasis influences on it's sleeve and is therefore lacking on any real originality. That being said, this is an album which is designed to be in your face and to be played as loud as you can so who cares if it's not too original. The musicianship on offer is really tight and not over the top while the production is just right for the album.

Unfortunately I couldn't warm to the coarse vocals on many of the songs even though some of them are really catchy. There are lots of average tracks on the album and the lyrics don't offer a huge amount.

I do feel a tad sorry for rock bands like Jaded Sun, Kopek and The Whatmans as I simply don't think there's enough fans in Ireland who can support that style of music. Worldwide there's a market for the rock sounds of 'Fire Up The Masses' and I hope The Whatmans get to tour Europe and beyond with the album over the coming years.

The Whatmans - Fire Up The Masses [6 out of 12]

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Track Listing

01. One for the Music
02. Come Along
03. Messiahs and Monkeys
04. Thinkin' Champagne
05. Get You Off
06. Follow Me
07. Kiss the Mind
08. Devil Shoes
09. Soldier
10. Fire Up the Masses

Devil Shoes by The Whatmans

The Whatmans - Soldier by thewhatmans