Album Review: Stuart Wilde - The Black Crow

The Black Crow is a wonderfully orchestrated piece of art which on the one hand contains charm and atmosphere while on the other hand contains lyrics that portrays loss and escapism. The Black Crow is not an album to immediately lift your mood but if you're 'digging in the pit' this album makes for good company!

Stuart Wilde is a Cork based artist who describes his music as 'alternative/blues/folk'. The Black Crow consists of Stuart's deep vocals, guitars, a wooden stomp box and the considerable violin talents of Kathryn Doehner. Stuart's style of music is totally unique, quirky and atmospheric. Any fan of Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen should check out this album!

The album kicks off with 'Lil' Ol' Restaurant' which is a charming little story about finding solace in your local restaurant. The other good-time song is 'Hot Damn' which is a fun tune about an infatuation with a girl with high heel boots.

01 Lil' Ol' Restaurant by Stuart Wilde

The main theme of the album centers on an end to a relationship or the eagerness to escape. They describe the feeling of being stuck somewhere like the songs 'River of Mud' and 'For Love' or wanting to move on with life like 'Row That Boat' and 'Go'. The best track for me the charming but dark 'Digging in the Pit' with it's glorious yet punishing violin.

While many of the songs are charming it's not an album to brighten your mood. There is a limit to the formula of offer here and by track six I'm at my limit for the dark overtones. The Black Crow is a fiercely dark album in nature, tone and atmosphere but it has it's place if I need it to match my mood.

Stuart Wilde - The Black Crow [9 out of 12]

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