Album Review: Reader's Wives - Rachel's Apartment

It's rare to find an alternative rock album with clever lyrics these days but Reader's Wives have come up with the goods! One of the Irish albums of the year!

I love it when I find the right album at the right time. While I'm getting partial to the folk genre in my old [ish] days my heart still rests with the Pearl Jam formula of rock songs. That is a sound with clever lyrics, quality vocals to sing along to and enough catchy melodies to nod your head or possibly do a slow swaying dance! Reader's Wives have brought out an album which hits all the right spots for me at this moment in time.

Rachel's Apartment kicks off with three decent rocking tunes which display a Strokes influence. Of the three 'Wasted Youth' kept me awake last night as it was replayed time and again in my internal player. 'You Must Have Been Crazy' is an anti-love story about a womaniser who loses his wife to the singer. Many of the songs contain lyrics which are cutting observations of society and some are derogatory if taken out of context. A band with the name 'Reader's Wives' isn't going to be concerned with political correctness with a typical lyric like ".... I'm like a dog when I get pissed, climbing on the nearest bitch to me" in the closing track 'Serial Monogamy'.

Wasted Youth by ReadersWives

While there isn't a bad tune on the album there are two wonderful songs on 'Rachel's Apartment' which stand out for me. 'A Sight For Sore Eyes' is a big anthem with a great chorus and is the type of big song which would be perfect for an end of mixtape song. [For those old enough to remember making mixtapes!]. The best song for me is 'Laughter/Commute'. The lyrics tell a great story about being away and reflecting on life with the chorus going "My before and after, my before and after, darkness turns to laughter, in Italy, Sicily".

Laughter / Commute by ReadersWives

In summery 'Rachel's Apartment' is an album of the highest quality which suits my life at this moment in time. The lyrics are thought-provoking, the vocals of Niall James Holohan are pleasant and effective and there's enough heavy rock tunes on here to enable a loud escape from the routine of life.

Reader's Wives - Rachel's Apartment [12 out of 12]

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