Album Review: Burning Codes - Rivers of Hope

A consistently outstanding composer, Paul Archer aka Burning Codes has again produced an album which I find difficult to describe without using words like wonderful, amazing and brilliant. 

'Rivers of Hope' is the third album from Burning Codes following the debut self-titled album of 2008 and last years Burning Codes 2. When an artist like Burning Codes produces consistently good albums I'm afraid I have to write another positive review for the band.

I'd compare the music of Burning Codes as a cross between Yo La Tengo and Snow Patrol with a touch of gospel in the mix. The songs individually contain massive big sounds such as haunting backing vocals and thundering drums which revolves around the hugely positive lyrics at it's core. This formula is what the Burning Codes sound is about and the result is a very uplifting positive listening experience.

Burning Codes - We are like gold by Jax Management

The album kicks off in fine style with 'We Are Like Gold'. The title track is another piece of positivity where we listen and believe that 'Rivers of Hope flow through us'. My favourite track is the indie sounding 'Switch' which wouldn't sound out of place on any indie rock radio station in the world. I love the chilled out Sunday morning feel to 'The Ladder'.

The one criticism I have of the album is that the quality tails off by the end of the ten tracks and they don't compare favourably to the tracks written about above. 'Rivers of Hope' is still however a quality album and Burning Codes is a great band that I won't ever get tired of spreading the word about.

Burning Codes - Rivers of Hope [10 out of 12]

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