Album Review: Storyfold - Rocket Science

Superb debut album from rock/pop band Storyfold. 'Rocket Science' is full to the brim of catchy tunes which are composed to make you bop your head, tap your foot and sing the songs. Even though reviewing an album isn't rocket science I found it very difficult to review this album.  

Storyfold write songs which follow a certain formula. The tracks on 'Rocket Science' are all of a very high quality in composition, musicianship and execution. Any one of the main eleven tracks could belong on the playlists of the most popular radio stations. The formula is generally to have an intense tempo from the start with strong vocals and lyrics describing a certain interaction. The lyrics often include vivid emotions which the listener can connect with as well as instrumentation which enhances the vocals and lyrics. All of this with delicate piano playing and backing vocals means we have an album of highly entertaining and instantly likable songs.

'Rocket Science' kicks off with a cracking tune 'Ciara Don't Be Angry' which I'm sure has to be a future single. It's a highly catchy tune which has the ability to be recalled in the head in a heartbeat. The current single 'Trick of Light' is another superb slice of pop music. For me the best track is 'The Sweetest Silence' where Lindsey provides lead vocals but it's the female/male harmonies which hit the spot. I really like the initial change of tempo for 'You're Still There' but it still has a catchy chorus and the strings enable the tempo to gain momentum by the end of the track.

You're Still There by storyfold

The reason why I found this review difficult to write is because it reminds me of when I reviewed The Dirty 9's debut album last year. Back then I wrote about The Dirty 9's album as not really connecting with me and it created a conflict within me. One the one hand I admire Storyfold greatly and I think 'Rocket Science' is a superb album of quality tunes. Just like The Dirty 9's I think Storyfold are one of Ireland's best live bands and 'Rocket Science' is a must buy for anyone wanting good, honest, catchy, rock tunes. However, it doesn't light a fire within me to the extent that 'Rocket Science' might not be an album I'll be returning to on a regular basis.

Storyfold - Rocket Science [10 out of 12]

The Sweetest Silence by storyfold