Album Review: Jukebox Gypsy - The Month

Jukebox Gypsy release an excellent album which connects with me at this moment in time. It's an album to sing to, that perks you up and gives you a much needed shot of happiness. 

'The Month' flirts with a range of genres and therefore has the ability to appeal to many people while still being considered a folk band. Each band member brings a song to the group for development but they generally display the composer's stamp. On the tracks lead guitarist Isaac sings the band flirts with Country music and deal with topics such as 'Butch Cassidy' and 'Arkansas'. Dave the lead singer provides the main vocals on the soulful tracks. Joanna contributes mainly backing vocals on the album but the song 'Riverbed' where she sings lead vocals remind me of Kate Rusby and is a simply gorgeous track. For me the best songs on the album are when Ben provides lead vocals. The title track in particular is such a great song and would hit home to anyone who recently experienced loss in their life.

".... but these are fading pictures now falling from my wall ..."

While there's a large amount of variety within the album it does all fit together and make sense mainly due to the superb musicianship on display. There really is no better sound then intricate acoustic lead guitar over acoustic guitar, banjo and double bass. The other key factor which makes Jukebox Gypsy stand out are the catchy multiple harmonies in the songs. Along with the title track the other recommended tracks include 'Marine St. West', 'Long Way 'Round' and this track 'Waves'.

Waves by Jukebox Gypsy

'The Month' is the second perfect album of 2011!

Jukebox Gypsy - The Month [12 out of 12]