List: Top 50 [31 - 35]

This is part 4 of my rundown of the Best 50 Irish Acts out there at this moment in time.

50. Clockwork Noise
49. The P Affection
48. The Elective Orchestra/Nick Carswell
47. TKO
46. Pete Courtney
45. Friend?
44. EleventyFour
43. Norabelle
42. Mark Black /with The Roots Orchestra /with The Trips
41. Fox. E & The Good Hands
40. The Chapters
39. Fred
38. Owensie
37. Peter Doran
36. The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

35. Villagers

It's taken me some time to warm to the charm of Conor O'Brien. Over the last few months with the organising of the DSAs and with the Choice Awards approaching I have to say the album won me over big time. I'm delighted that Conor O’Brien has been nominated for an Ivor Novello Award in the category “Best Song Musically and Lyrically” for “Becoming a Jackal”.

Villagers - The Meaning Of The Ritual (Live At Working Mans Club) by DominoRecordCo

34. Fia Rua

Galway's Fia Rua is a wonderfully talented songwriter who released his debut album 'Falling Time' last year. Along with his distinct rural Ireland vocal qualities the lyrics of his songs bring to the forefront an Ireland that's not normally discussed. Check out the album closer 'Ghosts' here.

33. El Hombre Jokes

El Hombre Jokes are a fun time alternative rock band with much promise and bags of enthusiasm to keep with the business long term. They have the added benefit of being a sound bunch of lads!

32. Jennifer Evans

When I seen Jennifer live for the first time last October I was blown away by the quality of her voice and the musicianship on display. An amazing talent who is going to release one hell of a great album someday soon.

Scattered - Jennifer Evans by lynchna

31. A Plastic Rose

Part Sligo, part Belfast this four piece rock band make the kind of rock music which is in your face and will send a shiver down your back. The quality of the dual vocals along with the sheer power of the tracks make A Plastic Rose a good bet for the next stage of world dominance.

Mother It's Time by A Plastic Rose