List: Top 50 [21 - 25]

This is part 6 of my rundown of the Best 50 Irish Acts out there at this moment in time.

50. Clockwork Noise
49. The P Affection
48. The Elective Orchestra/Nick Carswell
47. TKO
46. Pete Courtney
45. Friend?
44. EleventyFour
43. Norabelle
42. Mark Black /with The Roots Orchestra /with The Trips
41. Fox. E & The Good Hands
40. The Chapters
39. Fred
38. Owensie
37. Peter Doran
36. The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
35. Villagers
34. Fia Rua
33. El Hombre Jokes
32. Jennifer Evans
31. A Plastic Rose
30. Huey & The Hobgoblins
29. Alien Envoy
28. Terence Rowlands
27. A Band Called Wanda
26. Reader's Wives

25. The Riot Tapes

While only having one single release and being a very young band, The Riot Tapes have charmed their way into the top 50 with a bunch of great tunes like this one:

The Riot Tapes - Photograph (single) by the riot tapes

24. Burning Codes

The new Burning Codes album called ‘Rivers Of Hope’ will be released on 20th June on Dublin Label Indiecater Records and if it's anything like the last album I'll be ecstatic. No one makes music as relevant to my life as the Burning Codes albums. Bring on the new album!

Have a listen to the new single: We Are Like Gold

Burning Codes - We are like gold by Jax Management

23. Fiach

Fiach makes the top 50 for producing a superb debut album last year. Like many a band out there his release was badly timed in that if it came out during the Heyday of singer-songwriters his bank balance would look a lot healthier! Is Fiach up there with Damien, Damo D or Declan yet? I think he's almost at that level! Put it another way I'd pay way more money to see Fiach live than Mundy!

Every single day (radio edit) by Fiachmusic

22. Groom

Groom are just brilliant. They make one of the best albums of the year, play a few small gigs and then disappear to their different musical projects. I've no doubt album number five is already in the works along with their passion for all things music.

21. Anthony Furey & The Young Folk

Brimming with charm Anthony Furey with his band The Young Folk released a really nice debut album last year. The band have since become just 'The Young Folk' and I can't wait to hear the new songs which result from the collective band.

Arthur Furey & The Young Folk - Sad Day by DamnPIK