Amhrán Gach Lá - Label/Terry Sutton/Rezlow

To celebrate Easter Sunday I bring you the tale of an artist with massive potential whose amazing band died a death but is on the verge of a resurrection.

Label consisted of Simon Good on guitar, Binzer on drums, Shane Fitzsimons on bass and the vocals of Terry Sutton. The band were writing and gigging for a number of years and released one single in 2001 called 'Tailspin'. The second b-side was this sublime track 'Morning Riser'.

Label - Morning Riser by 2uibestow

I've mentioned a number of times that Terry Sutton has hooked up with a bunch of Kerry lads and called the band Rezlow. I'm anticipating a sublime debut album from the band which will be released over the Summer months. Check out early samples of the album here: